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Miles for Heroes: Please Consider

Season’s Greetings!

I watched a segment on Fox News Something-Or-Other this morning which triggered action for me. The segment was about Luke’s Wings, a charity dedicated to providing the families of wounded, ill, and injured, service members the means to visit them during recovery and rehabilitation. A selfless and wonderful idea.

What’s not to like about that? I ask myself.

“Nothing.” Sez I.

During the course of the segment, the nice young man running the charity mentioned the possibility of donating unused, or about-to-expire air miles to help with the endeavor.

Luke’s Wings seems to be affiliated with Delta, and I get my “air miles” through American. American’s program is called “Miles For Our Heroes.”

Turns out that my miles, most of which were accumulated as the result of a lengthy trip seventeen months ago, are about to expire. Within 30 days, American keeps telling me, in desperate and urgent emails that imply: Fly. FLY! Act. ACT!

So, I’ve acted. And I’ve sent all my miles to my heroes.

If any of you have miles in danger of expiring that you don’t think you’ll use, or if you’re just feeling beneficent at this time of year, please consider something like this. The charity doesn’t much matter. Doing something for those who’ve given their all is what counts.


And Merry Christmas!

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