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Friday Food and Drink Post: Horses Dovers and Canopies (Finger Foods)

Don’t you think it’s time to elevate the conversation around here? I do. Hence my high-toned original title for this post. I was dismayed when Mr. Right pointed out that most of my semi, and fully-fledged, deplorable fellows probably wouldn’t cop to the furrin tongue I was puttin’ down. Hence the parenthetical clarification for y’all, y’unz, y’inzers, and anyone else who’s adrift.

I love finger foods. I love a plate full of little savories and sweetnesses, and even perhaps a few pieces of fruit on toothpicks with a glorious honey-vanilla dip. (This is one of my favorites. I usually serve it on the side, with pieces of fruit to dip.)

But, above all, I love everything wrapped in bacon! Shrimp. Cheese. Mushrooms. Veggies (must get the correct number of servings of healthful veggies every day). Chestnuts. Even bacon wrapped in itself! Or little bits of toast or cracker with (bacon and) glorious little bits of things on top (anything but kale, which is verboten in these matters).

So, let loose please, and tell us what your favorite finger foods might be. No need to use any of those effete European words to describe them. Just know that when the dust settles, and after the elites are done huntin’ us down, they’ll have a party, and these are what will feature at the top of the menu.

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