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Occasional Quote of the Day: The Winter of Our Discontent”

I’m not sure that “glorious summer” is just around the corner. Or, even if it is, whether I should give credit to the “Son of York,” or some other Son in the firmament.
All I know is that we have a new lamb here at Chez She, born today to our young mother known as “Star.” Dad lives up the road, but Grandpa is here somewhere. I can probably find him if I root around a bit:

And, at the same time, with a 70-degree temperature shift in four days, the snow is gone, and what I call my “Marine Corps Tulips” (scarlet and gold) have peeped up through the dirt.

Alleluia. After a rough eight months around here, life is good and I am grateful. Spring, if not exactly Summer, is on the way. Here’s to 2019.

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