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The Carnival is Over: Judith Durham, R.I.P.

The year is 1964.  The pop revolution is underway, and groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones own the British charts and are besieged by thousands of screaming girls throwing flowers (and much else) at them wherever they go. Out of nowhere, that May, a quartet of young Australians who'd worked their passage from… Continue reading The Carnival is Over: Judith Durham, R.I.P.

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The Eriskay Love Lilt

Inspired by a recent Ricochet "members only" post on folk and traditional music. First: Let's be clear.  If your idea of "folk music" is  Peter Paul and Mary, then stop right now. Puff, the Magic Dragon? Crimenutely. Most else they recorded was derivative.  And somehow, even when that they derived from wasn't fatuous, they managed… Continue reading The Eriskay Love Lilt