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Do I Really Want “A Tiger by the Tail?” Not At My Age 🙄

LOL.  Just listening to my boyfriend Willie Nelson’s latest-but-one album (I Don’t Know a Thing About Love)  which is a compilation of the works of country music songwriter/genius Harlan Howard. It includes such gems as Streets of Baltimore (otherwhere recorded by Gram Parsons and featuring a very young Emmylou Harris):

and She Called Me Baby (made most famous by Charlie Rich in 1965):

and a song released by Burl Ives in 1964, Beautiful Annabel Lee. (Hello, Edgar Allan Poe–what a pleasant surprise!):

As one might expect, Willie gives all the songs his own special spin.  None more so than in the case of a song whose signature recording was by Buck Owens and his Buckaroos in December of 1964:

Willie’s take on all these songs is–of course–exemplary.

And yet:

I’ve got a tiger by the tail, it’s plain to seeI won’t be much when you get through with meWell, I’m losing weight and turnin’ mighty paleLooks like I’ve got a tiger by the tail

Well, I thought the day I met you, you were meek as a lambJust the kind to fit my dreams and plansNow, the pace we’re livin’ takes the wind from my sailsAnd it looks like I’ve got a tiger by the tail

I’ve got a tiger by the tail–etc.

Well, every night you drag me where the bright lights are foundThere ain’t no way to slow you downI’m as ’bout as helpless as a leaf in a galeAnd it looks like I’ve got a tiger by the tail

I’ve got a tiger by the tail–etc.
As much fun as this sounds, do I really want such a thing on the cusp of the eighth decade of my own (or his) life on this earth?
The verdict is in.  And it’s a Hard No.
Would I have liked a friend?  For sure.  A helpmeet?  Maybe.  A partner?  Perhaps.
But a person who thinks he’s bettering himself by waving his own tail, celebrating his own stripes, using others, and diminishing me?
No thank you.
I don’t expect I’m alone or unique in this.
Anyone who cares to do so is welcome to weigh in.

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