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QOTD: “We Women Are Lower Status Than Blacks”

I won’t embarrass the person who said this by linking to her statement which, TBC, is available to all if you dig around here and there on the public Internet.

But, in some ways, she’s right.

It’s unfortunate that she participates almost exclusively (I won’t weigh in on the reason for this) on a site which is peopled by a small group of morons and loons who are aggressively blegging for the disenfranchisement of women. (An idea so ludicrously self-serving that it beggars belief.)

Or that–a few years ago–she shot herself in the foot on a different site which felt differently about the contributions of its women and on which I was one of her few (fairly influential) defenders, before she was canned.

Live by resentment.  Die by resentment.

Up 2 Her.

If only she’d got over herself by now.  But her occasional blog posts make it clear she hasn’t, and that she still hasn’t freed herself from the daft male influence which is dragging her down.

For my own part, here’s hoping she soon will.

Remember the Lizzard!


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1 thought on “QOTD: “We Women Are Lower Status Than Blacks””

  1. Yeah. Morons. Those who “defend” such points find themselves chewed up by their “friends.” Thank God I have others in my life who aren’t so challenged.

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