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Grooming Gangs, UK Edition, and Shame on GBNews

Lord, it’s awful.  Decades long abuse.  Years long inattention from TPTB.

Today, Suella Braverman, British Home Secretary, pledges to track down, punish, and stamp out grooming gangs and stop the sexual abuse of white, underprivileged, English girls at the hands of deviant (important word) Pakistani men.

From her lips to God’s ears.

Meanwhile, a huge “Thank You,” to Mark Steyn who has, at enormous personal cost,  been fearless in raising this issue while so many have ridiculed his attention to the matter.

Shame on @gbnews, which could have owned the story, and which jumped on it only at the last minute (thank you Charlie Peters, whoever you are), when it looked like there’d be an advantage to do so.  As Ronald Reagan is alleged to have said: “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

I don’t care who gets the credit.  As long as someone does the good.

Nevertheless, @gbnews:

You failed. You failed Mark Steyn.  You failed the girls of England.

Shame on you.

I hope that’s clear.

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