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Why Are You Here?

I urge you to answer that question. For yourself and without context.


For my own narcissistic take on things, I hope you’re here because you like what I write, and you find what I write, (every once in a while) charming. instructive and informative. Sure, I’d like it if there were more conversation here, but–on balance–I’ll take the alternative each time.’


2 thoughts on “Why Are You Here?”

  1. As a friend going back a good 6 years now, but having quit Ricoland, I am here because I still very much like to keep in touch, even if I rarely comment.

    1. Thanks. I’m always happy to find old and new friends and acquaintances among subscribers and readers. I’ve found myself back in touch with schoolmates from almost sixty years ago who I hadn’t heard from since, with students of the late Mr. Right who’ve seen my posts about him, with old friends from my PEI summer holidays when I was in high school and college, with knitters and spinners who have questions or are looking for resources and with people who knew my father. One very kind gentleman recommended a superior fence-stretcher to my own (an image of which made its way into a post somehow). I bought it from him. It’s much better. And maybe I’m missing some. Most of them start with the “contact” form, and write to me directly rather than commenting, and that’s absolutely fine with me.

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