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I’ve Been Cancelled by the Daily Telegraph: One of the Proudest Moments of my Life

I posted a comment in response to this article:

Many of you may find it’s behind the paywall, so a few excerpts:

Generations of farmers have stood up to Brexit and other difficulties, but the Ukraine war could push them over the edge financially

For consumers, the war in Ukraine and its impact on commodity prices could soon send the price of supermarket milk rocketing by up to 50 per cent. That would mean four pints of milk will jump from around £1.15 to between £1.60 and £1.70, and a typical pack of butter will rise from £1.55 to more than £2, according to dairy farmer advisor Kite Consulting.

“Fertiliser costs have gone up over 200 per cent, and either I borrow the money to buy the fertiliser or I get out of dairy,” he said.

Fertiliser that last year cost £250 or £260 per tonne has now reached £800 per tonne.

On top of that, “red diesel has almost doubled in price”.

And so on…

My comment, WRT the incessant and stupid hand-wringing was largely as follows (I can’t quite replicate it exactly because–although I saved it many times, I didn’t save it the final time before posting, and before I got the notification that it “breached [the Telegraph’s] community standards” and so it had been summarily whacked). Here is–approximately–what I said:

I run a tiny hobby farm in the United States. I suppose I’m an expatriate Brit, still having a UK passport and a green card. My contribution to the US farming industry is miniscule. Still, here’s what I have to say:

Over the last ten years, the positive contributions (in the States) of the frackers and the coal miners to the welfare of small family farming has been huge. Small farms which were on their last legs have recovered. Small farms whose physical plants were outdated and on the ropes have retrenched, regrouped, and rebuilt. Families who’d  given up, WRT their ability to support their next generations, have found it possible to set up savings accounts, and have rediscovered the hope that their children and grandchildren might find the idea of small-holding worthwhile.

As far as the immediate localities are concerned, the frackers and the coal companies have proven themselves great and responsible neighbors. After all, I know where their “land agents” live, so why would they want to screw me? (Trust me, those who are in range of the “receiving apparatus” know the answer to this. And the answer is “they don’t want to screw me, because diminishing returns.”)

I was dismayed to see that muck-spreading is (as I understand it) illegal in many parts of the UK. And that, now that the possible fertilizer shortage (an outcome of Putin’s war) may affect the availability of fertilizer, perhaps the ‘law of unintended consequences’ may pertain. No Russian or Ukrainian fertilizer? No ability to muck-spread. Screw you, small British farmer. We know better.

Lord. I’m fixin’ up my “turd-hearst” (the local formulation for a manure-spreader) even as we speak. And what I know is–no matter the idiocy of the Biden-Harris administration–you can’t see me. And you can’t stop me. So, I’ll simply get on with it.

Wake up, Britain!

What–about that comment–is hateful, false, demeaning, or deserves to be cancelled?

You tell me.

PS:  I’ve often referenced the Telegraph as the only newspaper my family read (after the servants had ironed it, of course). And it’s the paper which published this sterling obituary of my father.  I’m nothing if not loyal, and so–for quite a while–I’ve paid almost $200 a year just for the privilege of reading (and incredibly rarely) commenting on its articles.


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