Dear Elon Musk

Today I received an email from Starlink.  As follows:

Due to excessive levels of inflation, the price of the Starlink kit is increasing from $499 to $549 for deposit holders, and $599 for all new orders, effective today. In addition, the Starlink monthly service price will increase from $99 to $110

The sole purpose of these adjustments is to keep pace with rising inflation. As Starlink expands service in your area, you will be emailed when your Starlink is ready and you will have 7 days to finalize your order. You can cancel your deposit for a full refund at any time in your account page

Since launching our public beta service in October 2020, the Starlink team has tripled the number of satellites in orbit, quadrupled the number of ground stations and made continuous improvements to our network. Going forward, users can expect Starlink to maintain its cadence of continuous network improvements as well as new feature additions. 

Thank you for being a Starlink customer and your continued support!

The Starlink Team


So far, my only relationship with Starlink has been my apparent foolishness in sending y’all $99 way back in June of 2021, in the belief that you’d be providing service to my area by December 2021.  TBPC, that selfsame area is Southwestern Pennsylvania USA, and not some monstrous region (as my late in-laws used to say–way out of God’s knowledge).  Your words, not mine, as evidenced by your email to me on June 23, 2021.  You said you’d provide service by now.  But you have not.

At some point in the interving months  you informed me that:

The Starlink team has been working hard to expand service and increase capacity while continuously improving quality of service. We will be able to accommodate more users per area as we increase the number of satellites in orbit.

And still, I waited patiently.  As I’ve done since the Bill Clinton (or perhaps it was the GHW Bush era?) in which I was first assured that high-speed Internet was a national priority.  Either governmental, or private.


And still, I wait patiently.  I’m almost on-board with the idea that you should deploy satellites to Ukraine ahead of me because Russian Devils, right?  And, while I wasn’t so much in favor of your antics vis-a-vis Vern Unsworth and the Thai Soccer Boys (during which time I was actually in Chiang Rai, so sue me too), I’d still like to experience a better Internet connection than that which has been offered to me so far by the ridiculous minions of the State.

And at this point, because the $99 I sent you almost a year ago to reserve my place in what’s turned out to be nothing) and which is now worth–apparently–nothing, I’d like to hear back from you.

Beause, really. If you’re not not serious, I’d like my $99 back.  And if you are serious, I’d like to know when I should expect some action for my money.


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