Wut? Tom Brady is Back??!

patriots ballsNo better example of what I dubbed, many years ago, “Leaving as Performance Art” in history.  It checks all the boxes:

  1. Do well over the course of years with a particular set of groupies.
  2. Leave on poor terms, find another set of groupies, and do well again.
  3. Get fed up because, not enough appreciation, and announce that you’re quitting because you can’t give “100% to the game,”  just to test the waters and take their temperature, and see what transpires.
  4. Wait for social media to blow up. (This is the break point:  If you’re Tom Brady, social media might blow up.  If you’re just an also-ran narcissistic egotist, I don’t expect more than a couple of people will care what you do.)
  5. Once social media has blown up (because you’re Tom Brady), and when you have crushed your enemies, seen them driven before you, and when the lamentation of their women has grown unbearably loud, announce that you’re coming back to save them all.

And so here we are.

A man who quit because he could no longer “give 100% to the game” suddenly finds that he can give 100% to the game.  Yeah.  Gas prices are high.  But I shouldn’t think Tom Brady needs to go back to work to fund the excesses of his SUVs.

So what the hell changed?

Frankly, were I the Tampa Bay Buccaneers management team, I’d tell him to fuck off.  Because he’s already quit on them once.  Right?  So why should they think he won’t quit on them again?  Next time, perhaps in the middle of the season. They should look to the future and move on.

Will Tom Brady (who’ll soon need a walking frame to matriculate the ball down the field) save them again?

We shall see.

Full Disclosure:  I’m from Pittsburgh.  I’ve always disliked Belichick and Brady.  And, by extension, once he turned up there, Tampa Bay.  Cheaters and liars, all.

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