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What’s Your Candidate for the Most Overused Internet Meme of All Time?

They say stereotypes exist for a reason.  And I guess that’s true.  “Birdbrains gonna  birdbrain,” as it were (not talking about you, backyard chickens; please keep laying eggs).

Just as those with no capability for original thought are doomed to borrow and parrot (apologies for the repeated “bird” references; again–backyard chickens–I’m not talking about you!) from those who’ve gone before,  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

But I must confess that I sometimes tire of same-same when it comes to Internet conversation.  When I see one of the participants in a conversation trolling for a reaction, and–here it comes, delivered on cue!

A few of the worst offenders:

Love me some Sean Bean, in the movies, if not so much in real life.  But really?

The perennial, and so overused, Picard face-palm.

Yeah.  The most interesting man in the world.  Only, not so much anymore.

Then there are the verbal twitches:  LOL. ROFLMAO. IDGAF.  Tempting sometimes (and I plead guilty on my own account every here and there).  But; nevertheless, they’ve become empty and dull as well. And:

OM.  NOM. NOM?  Extraordinarily unoriginal and juvenile.  (Unless you actually are Cookie Monster, and you actually did originate it.  For the children.)

You had meh at Om Nom Nom Cookie Monster Elmo fauna organism photo caption

Lord.  There are so many other things to say when presented with a photo, or a description, of delicious food, at least when you’re a grownup capable of forming your own words and opinions, Still, if you’re insincere and desperate to show your support, I suppose “om nom nom” will have to do.

Sadly, it seems as if there are many these days–on all fronts–who find sincerity and originality difficult.

Here’s to sincerity, originality (they almost always go together), idiosyncrasy, eccentricity, and–on occasion–a willingness to go against the grain.

Tomorrow would have been my Dad’s 103rd birthday.  I hope, wherever he is, he’s enjoying the fact that I’m (still) a chip off the old block,

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