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Surely you remember the word?  It was coined a few years ago to define establishment Republicans who–according to those more edgy–had failed themselves, their constituents, and their country, and were headed–following the 2016 election of Donald Trump–into oblivion.

Well, almost.

The word was CUCK-servative.  What Lewis Carroll would have called a “portmanteau” word, derived from the medieval English word “cuckold” (related to the habit of the cuckoo bird laying its eggs in other bird’s nests) and the root word “conservative.”

Nevertheless, in spite of the clear origin of “cuckold” (usage dating from about 1200AD). the term was almost immediately decried as racist because–of course–historical revisionists would like us to believe that it was invented to prevent the practice of miscegenation (intermingling of the races) and to demean men who didn’t strenuously oppose the idea from the American Civil War onwards.

What rubbish.  One which reminds me of the idiotic nonsense surrounding the word “picnic,” another word which has been falsely imagined into a racist and White supremacist slur.

Those etymological gymnastics–the purview of a few race-baiters and the perpetually aggrieved–only serve to draw attention away from the victims of actual racism, much as the #MeToo women shouting about how their lives have been ruined and that they’ve been in therapy for decades because some random man–40 years ago–pinched their bottoms, only serve to detract serious people from contemplation of actual sexism.  And actual racism.

And yet.  Time for some humor:

Henny Penny, a Rhode Island Red hen, recently snuck her way into a secured area of the American Pentagon.  (For those of you who might not know, the Pentagon is the home turf of the U.S. Department of Defense, and is supposed to be one of the most secure facilities on earth.)

Nevertheless, this little lady made it through:

No word yet on who was egging her on, her objective, or who she was working for.  Or if fowl play is suspected.

I hope only that this isn’t a yolk, that Henny Penny actually is a cluckservative and one of us, that she’ll pullet all out of the fire, and that–ultimately–wattle be will be.


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