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Who is Chrystia Freeland?

Toblerone 3362.jpgShe’s a former journalist married to a New York Times reporter (of course she is!) and she’s the (unelected) Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, as well as its Minister of Finance.  She’s incredibly well respected for her intellect (which distinguishes her from her putative boss), and is known, informally, as the “Minister of Everything,” due to the responsibilities she’s been given, and the positions she’s held.  (I can’t think of a parallel in the United States, unless it’s Elliot Richardson from the Nixon Administration.  Yes, I’m that old.)

Chrystia Freeland is my nominee for “Despot Canada,” a formulation I take from the rest of the government departments, and one which I think shows the French influence on the country, in which reversing the terms seems (to some) more continental and suave, and less thuggishly Anglo-Saxon.  Thus, we have things like “Transport Canada,” Environment Canada,” “Statistics Canada,” and “Infrastructure Canada.”  Etc. etc. and so forth.


A recent Ricochet post (not one of mine, but one I hope will be promoted to the main feed shortly so that you can all view it) deals with the issue of Canadian government mendacity.  And in the conversation following its publication, turns to the remarkable number of global “leaders” with ties to the Word Economic Forum.

While there may be those whose interest in the WEF and its annual meeting (in Davos, Switzerland) begins and end with the number of Toblerones they, or their wives, can stuff into their luggage before leaving the country, there are other interests in play, many of them relating to The Great Reset initiative and its resulting New World Order.  (I’m not going down any conspiracy-theory rabbit holes here.  You can read up on both, and form your own opinions, as you like.)

I’m just noting that there are a remarkable number of world leaders at the moment who seem to be WEF luminaries, and who seem to be marching in lockstep.  And I’m remembering the child who–alone among his compatriots–had the courage, the innocence, and the honesty to note the state of the Emperor’s dress.

Here’s Chrystia Freeland announcing that–among other things–she’s authorizing banks to freeze the assets and accounts, whether corporate or personal, of any individual or group the bank suspects of having donated in support of the Canadian truckers.  No warrant necessary; merely on the say so of someone at the bank with a “suspicion” that this might be the case.

Donate to a cause that Chrystia Freeland and your bank disagree with and they’ll take your money away.  No warrant, no due process, no legal recourse.

Because, apparently, Chrystia Freeland (and, by extension the bank) have decided that it’s not really your money to do with what you like; It’s their money, to do with only what they tell you to.


Frankly, I look for this woman to be the next Prime Minister of Canada.  I think that she’s ambitious enough, and that the citizens of that once-great country (who have elected the moronic little twerp Justin Trudeau as their Prime Minister three times and counting) are just dumb enough to do it.

What do you think?

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