There Are Moments When I Can’t Help But Chuckle

One of them happened last night, when Fox News Bad Boy Tucker Carlson referred to Jacinda Ardern as “that squeaky little woman with the weird teeth who runs New Zealand.”

Let’s be clear:  I hold no animosity towards Jacinda Ardern, although I find her country’s “Zero Covid” policy utterly ridiculous.  I can’t remember the first time (aeons ago, it seems) that Donald Trump said we’d have to “learn to live” with Covid, but–Good Lord–it seems that most are now coming round to his “misinformational” point of view.

Still, (irrelevantly, and WRT nothing else), I’m grateful to Tucker for reminding me of William F. Buckley’s glancing reference to Oprah Winfrey as “the black lady who is alternately fat and thin; I forget her name.”

Would that we should all be so lucky.


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