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Oh. HaHaHa, Let’s Hear it for the Pill. Or Not.

So, today, Conservative women are supposed to be creaming their jeans over a post on American Greatness (several generations derived from all the other places it’s appeared) in which a man, name of “Guy” (how great is that!) pretends that his wife has noticed that women’s relationship with “The Pill” has somehow affected their (womanly) relationship with men.  LOL.


The single most destructive act, in the annals of societal history has nothing to do with what “The Pilll” has done for women.

It has everything  to do with what womens’ reliance on “The Pill” has done for men, in terms of free-and-easy sex without commitment or consequences.

Change my ever-loving, non-military mind.

Wake up, why don’tcha? (You know who you are.)





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