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Antonio Brown: Really?

Yeah.  For a couple of seasons, he was glorious.  The three “B’s:” Ben, Brown, Bell.

For some reason, the MSN report on the guy’s ignominious exit from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (where’s he’s been much celebrated as a receiver for the GOAT), begins “Former Steelers WR Antonio Brown strips off uniform“….etc. etc. and so forth.

Yeah.  The Steelers threw him out.  Years ago.  After which he signed on with the Raikland Odors, the New England Patriots, then (after rather well-substantiated allegations of sexual and personal misconduct) implied he was retiring, disappeared, reappeared, was suspended, and then–felix culpa–showed up with Tom Brady and the newly inflated Tampa Bay Buccaneers.**

What, my dear NFL-loving whores did you expect?

He’s worthless.  Great as a football receiver.  Worthless as a (somewhat more important) human being.

Sooner or later: Truth Will Out.

As far as I’m concerned, he can’t exit stage right, left, or center, soon enough.  There are some rather decent people for whom the juice really isn’t worth the squeeze.

As for “Former Steelers”–for thus I’m pretty sure he’ll be named when the day comes, the team still having a certain cachet, no matter what hard times it’s fallen upon–Le’veon Bell, I guess he’s running for the GOAT, effective 12/22/21.  Yet another washout from the Steel City, one who’s enjoyed an ignominious career (Jets, Chiefs, Ravens) since finding himself the Steelers golden child several years ago.

Lord.  Glad I’m not Tom Brady.  Talk about the pressure of making silk purses out of one after another of your principal adversary’s sow’s ears.  So far, he’s been fairly successful.  Next year?  Who knows? (I don’t excuse Bucs coach Bruce Arians, either.  He should have known better, having been on the coaching team for the Steelers the first year or two AB made it into the league.)

What do (those few of you who might still be following the NFL) think?

**Shades of LeGarrette Blount.  Yeah.  Remember him too.  And IIRC, his involvement with Le’Veon Bell was the beginning of the end of the latter’s career in the Steel City.  Conspiracy theory?  Or spoiler alert?

PS:  Hat tip the late Mr. Right who told anybody who’d listen that his two proudest achievements in life were teaching his British wife to drink American whisky and watch American football.  LOL.

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  1. She, Cheese here. I stumbled upon Rush Babe’s sites hence yours while cleaning up my favorites. Glad to see you spreading your wings. We are fine here in Charleston. I don’t miss Ricochet and their censorship. I get enough of that without paying for it. Stay well

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