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WWE: Jimmy and Rosalynn vs Lunchbox Joe and Dr. Jill

A recent post on Ricochet drew attention to the photo currently making the Internet rounds of Joe and Jill and Jimmy and Rosalynn.

Here’s the photo:

Crimenutely.  It look as if two Amazons (must they be women?) have invaded a dolls’ house.

Here’s the comment I made on Ricochet (#42, when I finally got round to it):

 Wide-angle lenses and fish-eye lenses can certainly distort things.  Mr. [Right], who was quite the camera buff (which I am not) spent many hours/days/weeks/months over the years playing with lenses, looking at things like “barrel,” and “fish-eye” and other forms of distortion and happily rating them for magazines and professional photographers, based on his observation.

An understanding that such unreal projection and infinite distortion is the case in no way explains why the Carter Center would allow this photo of their principals, in which the two of them look so diminished and ridiculous, to take over the Internet.

Someone in this equation is either playing games, or has so lost touch with reality (it’s a signature feature of the mentally ill that they neither recognize how they themselves present to others, nor can they effectively evaluate the appearance of others) that he or she has, in the interests of making the enfeebled and diminished Joe Biden look like Hercules, decided that it’s worth any price to further the illusion, never mind if Dr. Jill looks as if she’s wrestling poor Jimmy to the ground in the process, or if Rosalynn looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy.

A sad end to the life of one of the worst US Presidents of the 20th century.  I’ll damn him with faint praise by saying that I truly believe he always meant well.

Biden?  Not so much.

Where do you stand?

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