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Fire that Canon!


Following on his his refusal to apologize, and his subsequent “resignation” under duress from Hello, Breakfast, or whatever that show is called, for the thought crime of disbelieving Meghan Markle’s Oscar-worthy performance in her conversation with The Oprah last month, Piers Morgan has struck back, suggesting that the senior Primate of the Church of England, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, should be sacked for suggesting that Meghan Markle wasn’t telling the truth when she claimed that she and Harry actually got married in the back yard, in a ceremony performed by the Archbishop himself (“just the three of us”), 72 hours before the televised spectacle that took place on the weekend and before the world.

Now that one of Meghan’s foundational claims (that’s a pretty big whopper, BTW, lying about the actual date of your actual marriage) has been debunked by an expert witness, I can only hope that the rest of what I suspect is largely a farrago of nonsense gets the same treatment.

On the matter itself, it might have been charming to have had a little ceremony where they exchanged vows they’d written for themselves, or perhaps read each other a favorite verse or poem, while butterflies flew all around, and dandelion seedlings danced in the breeze, and then been blessed by the Archbishop (it sounds like that’s actually something like what happened).  And good for His Grace for going along with it.

But if it was sweet and private, why not keep it that way?  And if you did want to tell the world about it, why lie about what it actually was?  That’s the bit that makes me doubt most of the rest of what she said.  I’m not unmindful that she claimed that the “skin tone” conversation occurred while she was pregnant with Archie, whereas Harry later said it happened before they got married.  Ummm…..  And then there is the claim that Archie in a “breach of protocol” (subtext “because he’s part black”) wasn’t given the title of “prince.”  That claim has also been roundly debunked, as those titles of “prince” and “princess” only run through the direct line of succession when extending to generations beyond the monarch’s grandchildren.  Archie would, according to “protocol” be elevated to the title of “prince” upon his grandfather Charles’s accession to the throne.

Sad really, to have so much and be so bitter about it all.  I’m sorry for them.  I wish them well.  But I don’t mind having a chuckle at their expense.

Bravo, Piers!

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