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Midwinter’s Update on my Premier Panel Hay Feeders

One of my more popular posts has proven to be this one, written in October 2020, about my hacking efforts with my two eight-foot hay feeders made using Premier Panels, in which I described the process of turning them into four four-foot long feeders.  I regularly get notifications that it’s been viewed by others, and I’ve received a few “thank yous” from people who’ve taken my advice and tried the alterations I’ve described.

Midway through this (exceptionally cold and snowy) winter, I’m very pleased with them myself.  I can haul them around in the barn if I need to. (They’re not light, but they can be moved by a single person, which the bigger ones could not.)  So I have a little more flexibility in where I feed the troops.

I’ve also used one as the divider for two lambing stalls.  The moms can eat from within the lambing pen, on the long side, on either side, and the rest of the sheep can still eat from the short side in the barn.  Very efficient.

Here’s a photo from this morning.  You’ll see that my one remaining goat (the rest have passed on from old age over the years) still likes to climb up and eat from above.  Had I more goats, I’d have made them 48″ tall as described in the linked instructions.  Bur for me, the 42″ height is fine.

Just wanted to let you know they really do work.

Happy lambing!

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