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Could This Be the Difference Between a ‘Paper Wasp’ and Your Favorite Leftist?

This isn’t a “Let’s Hate Leftists” thread. I have many friends who are considerably to my Left on the political spectrum, and some of them are very dear to me, although I think they’re wrong about almost everything.

But the question above was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this headline: Paper wasps capable of behavior that resembles logical reasoning.

A new University of Michigan study provides the first evidence of transitive inference, the ability to use known relationships to infer unknown relationships, in a nonvertebrate animal: the lowly paper wasp.

Apparently their brains are not quite as large as a grain of rice. I’ll stop there.  Except to wonder, since the article makes a point of pointing out that it was ‘nonvertebrates,’ that were under consideration, whether there were a substantial number of Republicans in the study.

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