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Friday Food and Drink Post: Felix and Fido Edition

Not that I want to be accused of speciesism, or any other sort of exclusivity thought pattern. God forbid. I have nightmares of one of you seizing the Ricochet microphone from me and having a meltdown a la “Blossom.” Heaven forfend. Those with birds, reptiles, tribbles, or any other sort of pets are welcome to weigh in. (Please do!)

But I can’t help noticing that there are a lot of dog and cat people on Ricochet (at least, to judge by the photos). And I’m a prime example of this, having given a home to dozens and dozens of the creatures over the past four decades, out here in Chez She country. I’m currently down to two (very large and elderly) rescued dogs of the Great Pyrenees persuasion, and a grand total of six cats. I think my record total (at one time) for dogs was eight, and, thanks to the kindness of strangers, the number of cats numbered several dozen at once. That’s been severely reduced thanks to my “Want Food? Get Fixed!” program. (Largely involuntary, it’s true, but it seems to have worked).

In addition to the dogs and cats (full disclosure) I have two goats, seventeen sheep, and two bunnies. And that’s it, for now. Thankfully.

Needless to say, my pet food bills are a non-trivial portion of my monthly budget. Given the peace, enjoyment, happiness and joy that Mr. She and I both receive from our pets, I don’t mind that. But I’m not made of money, and (although some of my friends in Washington County regard me as the next-best-thing to an animal rights wacko), I’m not about to go broke on behalf of my four-legged friends, much as I love them and would do quite a lot (and I have) to keep them healthy and with me.

Yesterday, I spotted a $72, 30lb, bag of dog food in the local PetSmart. Yikes. When you have two dogs about 300lb the pair, a 30lb bag of dog food doesn’t go all that far. And even if it did, what on earth?

I’m curious to know, as fellow animal lovers, what you all feed your pets? What has worked and what doesn’t? Do you “supplement” with over the counter or prescription meds or other substances, and do they help?

I know you love them. How do you show it and still stay afloat financially?

PS: Photos welcome. Go nuts.

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