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Friday Food and Drink Post: Calling All Coffee Snobs

My questions for you today are simple. Where is the best-tasting coffee in the world grown? What are the best beans? What is the best roast? Do you like dark or light or (perish the thought) blonde? Is it worth purchasing coffee which is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas and harvested bean by bean, or coffee which is grown on the slopes of Hawaiian volcanoes and fresh-roasted and flown to the Continental United States the day that it’s bagged? Or does it matter? Does the old three-pound can of Maxwell House in your local supermarket do the job just as well? Do you buy “socially responsible” coffee? Or patronize coffee-selling causes that you love?

Once you’ve got the beans you like, how do you like to prepare your coffee? Hand burr grinder, or electric blades? Or do you buy it (please say you don’t) already ground? What sort of coffee maker do you use? Drip? Percolator? Moka Express? Espresso maker? Manual or automated? The South American and Southeast Asian sock? Single serve (K-Cup)? French Press? Ibrik? Something else? (“Something else” probably includes the mother-of-necessity “gym sock” method which has been described heretofore on this site. I suppose, at a pinch, that will do. However, the mind boggles when I consider some of the gym socks I have known . . .).

I have my own well-defined ideas on all of this, but I don’t want to put my thumb on the scale before you’ve had a chance to weigh in.

Please share.

PS–tea drinkers may participate too, without worrying about hijacking the thread. However, please remember that I am, by birth, a tea-drinker myself, so watch your step.

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